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Blocking Youtube with KIS 2009/04/08

Posted by cat in *english, Security.
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I’m using Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 7 on my Axioobaby. My i-net traffic is limited to 20 GB/month, so I avoid streaming sites since I can’t tell how much traffic streaming can cost me. But sometimes without wanting it, I end up on a page where suddenly a video uploaded on youtube started to play, and I’d worry the whole time. When I read Travelling Linux about blocking youtube I asked cbug to show me how to do it on my KIS.

So, after setting it, I decided to make a (screenshot) tutorial with permission from cbug (I mean, he showed me the steps so it’s actually his tutorial ^^). To block youtube one first has to know youtube.com’s IP range (and again, I thank my expert-friend).

I have to apologise for my inconsistency; at first I tried to make one pictures for every 1 – 2 step(s), but then at the most important part I decided to “squeeze” the screenshots together. Let’s blame it on my laziness x_x

So here are the screenshots:

Open KIS


1. Open firewall settings
2. Open filtration rules

3. open the Rules for Packet Filtering tab

4. click Add


5. give rule name
6. check “Remote IP Address”
7. click on “Allow” to change it into “Block”
8. click to enter IP address
9. opt to enter range of IP adresses and no need to change the IP version
10. enter the youtube.com’s IP range: –
11. click “Add”
12. click OK twice to go back to Rules for Packet Filtering – and see the result


New rule is added and at the bottom is the description. If you are sure that the settings is correct, simply click OK (twice to back to main menu and you may close KIS.

* anytime you want to unblock youtube, just uncheck the rule – no need to delete it

More questions contact cbug hahahaha…