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Indonesia & I 2011/08/17

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Today Indonesia commemorates its independence.
Except for the food, the weather and the landscapes, I cannot say I am proud of this country.
I sometimes don’t know where to start if I have to list things I don’t fancy about Indonesia. For sure I have grown to dislike the newspapers (including most of the journalists) and bureaucracy. I also can say many bad things about the education and health care systems. Not only once or twice I was let down. Sometimes good things happen, but they soon fade into background, because even more bad things happen. I believe that everything has something to do with greed. Some people, most politicians, just cannot let things go; the money and the position. Political scientists and good journalists know how to explain this better than I do. I think I am re-typing what has been discussed over and over again everywhere in the world.

Nevertheless, I cannot declare this country a lost cause. Because we, the people, grow and change, give birth to new generation, we feel, we love (there goes my romantic side), possess the desire to develop and improve ourselves, we gather information and study. It is difficult to let ourselves stay behind and being ignorant when the peoples and countries around us are developing, transforming. And I hope we also learn from the history — not only this country’s but other countries’, too.
So, being a skeptical optimistic/optimistic skeptical Indonesian, I am still waiting for the day I can confidently say, “I have faith” (borrowing ytiC retnuH, Lee Yoon Sung’s words in the last episode of the series);

“[…]The faith that the politicians the citizens have elected into office will govern with a conscience, the faith that the troops who were deployed to protect the country will be protected by the nation, the faith that universities will create capable people for our next generation, the faith that enterprise will grow along with the workers and their pains[…]”**

What can I do for you, Indonesia? How can I participate in your development without getting sucked into the rotten system? — These still need to be figured out.


**the words are originally in Korean. I’m using the English translation by the subbing team of withs2 (Written in the Heavens Subbing Squad).

exotic? 2009/04/10

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I wrote about this on my journal on two different entries. Here I’ll put them together.

Few years ago, Aya, back then was my room mate, went to Prague with her mother and sister. Back in Leipzig, they brought few teajokepacks of green tea. So why would Japanese tourists buy green tea in Prague as souvenir? Because, funnily, beside the words “green tea” in Czech, there are also words written in Kanji and Kana (characters used in Japanese languages) that has nothing to do with green tea at all. Why not put 茶 (= tea) instead of おでん (oden), 生ビール (nama-beer) and 空手 (karate)? *laughs*

Another piece of Asia – better: Indonesia – I found in a bottle. ^^
It’s fabric softener (from P&G). Lenor has “mystery” series which consist of Sumatra, Shangri-La, Antarctica and Sahara. They should scent… different… but well… Lenor’s Sumatra scents just like Indonesian Molto (from Unilever) if you ask me. (For those who wonder, Sumatra is one of Indonesia’s main islands).

lenor sumatra