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exotic? 2009/04/10

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I wrote about this on my journal on two different entries. Here I’ll put them together.

Few years ago, Aya, back then was my room mate, went to Prague with her mother and sister. Back in Leipzig, they brought few teajokepacks of green tea. So why would Japanese tourists buy green tea in Prague as souvenir? Because, funnily, beside the words “green tea” in Czech, there are also words written in Kanji and Kana (characters used in Japanese languages) that has nothing to do with green tea at all. Why not put 茶 (= tea) instead of おでん (oden), 生ビール (nama-beer) and 空手 (karate)? *laughs*

Another piece of Asia – better: Indonesia – I found in a bottle. ^^
It’s fabric softener (from P&G). Lenor has “mystery” series which consist of Sumatra, Shangri-La, Antarctica and Sahara. They should scent… different… but well… Lenor’s Sumatra scents just like Indonesian Molto (from Unilever) if you ask me. (For those who wonder, Sumatra is one of Indonesia’s main islands).

lenor sumatra