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header – beta. (._. )a 2009/03/03

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Original headers offered by WP are not to my liking. So even though I never created a header before, I tried my best to (actually I wanted to try the easy way by asking a friend (muz), but he only replied to me after I was almost done ^^;). The result is not to be compared with those made by professionals, but for me it’s an achievement (laughs).

Pictures: the cat & my avatar. Drawn by my ex room mate, Aya. I’m not so sure, but I think she used Adobe.

The size must be exactly 730 x 140 pixels.

I myself used GIMP 2.4.2 for windows to create this header. I used gradient between the cat & my avatars (originally “greens”, and I changed the colours to suit the available pictures I put on both sides of header). I was stuck on how to fill the gradient, and found some tips here. For the Latin font, I used Blackadder ITC and 新細明體 for the katakana.

First try I uploaded the header on photobucket. But photobucket resized it. So I put it on WP-media library.


I don’t know many terms in Art and graphics editing (in all languages I speak), so I apologise if my explanation only lead you to confusion (bows). ^^;

I’m so very hungry right now. My brain worked extra for this. >.> It’s a right decission that I cooked more rice yesterday. Now I can cook a BIG portion of nasi goreng.