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be myself. be puzzling. 2009/04/15

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When I was checking the privacy settings for all applications I use on FB, I realised that I took a lot of quizzes, some of them are of the same type. The funny thing is that, I mostly get different results. Like, I took two quizzes about “which animal do I resemble” and one quiz’ result was penguin while the other said I’m a fox (I decided to remove the apps LOLz). The most amusing ones were the personality/temperament-tests. Three quizzes (okay, two personality tests and one temperament test. I know they are different, but let’s be dramatic ^^v) and three results: phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic. I think it is good to get these different results, a reminder that 1) these are just quizzes made for fun; 2) few questions can not determine one’s character; 3) don’t waste too much time on facebook (roflmao).


Don’t get flooded! 2009/03/21

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“[…] maybe you have to be informed, but you don’t have to be inundated!” (James Arthur Ray in “The Secret”)

Facebook is very detailed in its options. If one doesn’t put attention, one can be flooded with mail notifications. Of course with the smart mails right now, setting a filter for it is enough and there land all mails from FB in one folder. But still… does it really necessary? For busy people it’d be too much of work. If one doesn’t want his/her e-mail inbox be filled with notifications, one can opt-out not to receive notifications. So how to know Facebook worth a visit or not when one is online if there’s no e-mail notification? There is a solution for those who use private computer or has own account on a computer (oh you may set it from a public computer, but are you sure you want to do that? *smirk*), namely “news feed.” ^_^ It’d show you if there are new activities (such as someone give a comment on your pictures, you’ve been tagged or someone become your friend). What’s on news feed is exactly what’s on your notification (in FB bottom right beside chat-button). What you can’t find on news feed is incoming messages. So maybe, if you want, you could opt to receive mail notification for incoming messages, and as for the rest, just use news feed ^o^

To subscribe to news feed: go to notification page (menu on top of the page: inbox -> notification or notification icon on the bottom -> see all). On the right bar there’s a menu “Subscribe to Notifications.” On firefox you’ll find the news feed on bookmarks toolbar (Live Bookmark).