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ah hah.. love songs: English translation of Kiyama Yuusaku’s ‘Eien’ and Spitz’s ‘Supika’ 2009/03/05

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Before this, I never really tried to translate Japanese songs. When I think I’ve grasped the meaning, I’d be satisfied with it. But lately there are some songs that got me curious, enough to make me abandon anime, manga and plurk for a while to translate the lyrics…

These translations were originally posted on my LJ. My Japanese skill (yea yea yea <.<) is between beginner and basic. I couldn’t decide between interpretation and literally translation, so I did both, trying to make it sound “normal.” ^^ If you still find my English sentences as weird, it’s because I myself still learning English ^^v. As to why not considering to translate it to Indonesian, it’s because it’s faster for me to jump from Japanese to Germany and English than to Indonesian.
I only put the Japanese characters and translation. If anyone asked, I can add the romanisation (i.e. transcription from Japanese characters to Latin alphabet). Correction to the translation is possible, since till now there are some parts that still confuse me.