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exotic? 2009/04/10

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I wrote about this on my journal on two different entries. Here I’ll put them together.

Few years ago, Aya, back then was my room mate, went to Prague with her mother and sister. Back in Leipzig, they brought few teajokepacks of green tea. So why would Japanese tourists buy green tea in Prague as souvenir? Because, funnily, beside the words “green tea” in Czech, there are also words written in Kanji and Kana (characters used in Japanese languages) that has nothing to do with green tea at all. Why not put 茶 (= tea) instead of おでん (oden), 生ビール (nama-beer) and 空手 (karate)? *laughs*

Another piece of Asia – better: Indonesia – I found in a bottle. ^^
It’s fabric softener (from P&G). Lenor has “mystery” series which consist of Sumatra, Shangri-La, Antarctica and Sahara. They should scent… different… but well… Lenor’s Sumatra scents just like Indonesian Molto (from Unilever) if you ask me. (For those who wonder, Sumatra is one of Indonesia’s main islands).

lenor sumatra

Blocking Youtube with KIS 2009/04/08

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I’m using Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 7 on my Axioobaby. My i-net traffic is limited to 20 GB/month, so I avoid streaming sites since I can’t tell how much traffic streaming can cost me. But sometimes without wanting it, I end up on a page where suddenly a video uploaded on youtube started to play, and I’d worry the whole time. When I read Travelling Linux about blocking youtube I asked cbug to show me how to do it on my KIS.

So, after setting it, I decided to make a (screenshot) tutorial with permission from cbug (I mean, he showed me the steps so it’s actually his tutorial ^^). To block youtube one first has to know youtube.com’s IP range (and again, I thank my expert-friend).

I have to apologise for my inconsistency; at first I tried to make one pictures for every 1 – 2 step(s), but then at the most important part I decided to “squeeze” the screenshots together. Let’s blame it on my laziness x_x

So here are the screenshots:

Open KIS


1. Open firewall settings
2. Open filtration rules

3. open the Rules for Packet Filtering tab

4. click Add


5. give rule name
6. check “Remote IP Address”
7. click on “Allow” to change it into “Block”
8. click to enter IP address
9. opt to enter range of IP adresses and no need to change the IP version
10. enter the youtube.com’s IP range: –
11. click “Add”
12. click OK twice to go back to Rules for Packet Filtering – and see the result


New rule is added and at the bottom is the description. If you are sure that the settings is correct, simply click OK (twice to back to main menu and you may close KIS.

* anytime you want to unblock youtube, just uncheck the rule – no need to delete it

More questions contact cbug hahahaha…


Don’t get flooded! 2009/03/21

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“[…] maybe you have to be informed, but you don’t have to be inundated!” (James Arthur Ray in “The Secret”)

Facebook is very detailed in its options. If one doesn’t put attention, one can be flooded with mail notifications. Of course with the smart mails right now, setting a filter for it is enough and there land all mails from FB in one folder. But still… does it really necessary? For busy people it’d be too much of work. If one doesn’t want his/her e-mail inbox be filled with notifications, one can opt-out not to receive notifications. So how to know Facebook worth a visit or not when one is online if there’s no e-mail notification? There is a solution for those who use private computer or has own account on a computer (oh you may set it from a public computer, but are you sure you want to do that? *smirk*), namely “news feed.” ^_^ It’d show you if there are new activities (such as someone give a comment on your pictures, you’ve been tagged or someone become your friend). What’s on news feed is exactly what’s on your notification (in FB bottom right beside chat-button). What you can’t find on news feed is incoming messages. So maybe, if you want, you could opt to receive mail notification for incoming messages, and as for the rest, just use news feed ^o^

To subscribe to news feed: go to notification page (menu on top of the page: inbox -> notification or notification icon on the bottom -> see all). On the right bar there’s a menu “Subscribe to Notifications.” On firefox you’ll find the news feed on bookmarks toolbar (Live Bookmark).

curryous… 2009/03/08

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I’ve read different curry-recipes but memorised none of them. I only remember some of the ingredients. I usually cook Japanese curry (with instant curry mix, you see…). But yesterday evening I did something daring (second to my self-hair-trimming). As usual I didn’t know what I was cooking till I was about to eat it ^^. At first I was thinking about Japanese buta-no-shougayaki (pork & ginger sautéed with soy sauce). But then I changed my mind and want to eat something that has no soy sauce in it. While adding more ingredients, I thought, “why not curry?” I have curry powder after all… The last ingredient I put in was small slices of 1/4 Apple. I don’t know if there’s a cuisine known to have exactly the same ingredients as mine. It could be also L-original… LOLz. No picture of the curry since I wasn’t sure if it was edible.

Here’s the list of the ingredients (ordered initially):

  • oil (1 – 2 tablespoon)
  • ginger (minced)
  • meat (enough for 1 portion, cut into cubes)
  • 1 tomato (cut)
  • water (1/4 glass)
  • chilli powder (1/4 teaspoon)
  • curry powder
  • salt
  • sugar (I avoid using MSG when possible ^^)
  • milk (1/4 glass)
  • 1/4 apple (cut into small slices)

cooked in a small pot ^^

warning: if you want to try, please do it at your own risk. <.<

ah hah.. love songs: English translation of Kiyama Yuusaku’s ‘Eien’ and Spitz’s ‘Supika’ 2009/03/05

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Before this, I never really tried to translate Japanese songs. When I think I’ve grasped the meaning, I’d be satisfied with it. But lately there are some songs that got me curious, enough to make me abandon anime, manga and plurk for a while to translate the lyrics…

These translations were originally posted on my LJ. My Japanese skill (yea yea yea <.<) is between beginner and basic. I couldn’t decide between interpretation and literally translation, so I did both, trying to make it sound “normal.” ^^ If you still find my English sentences as weird, it’s because I myself still learning English ^^v. As to why not considering to translate it to Indonesian, it’s because it’s faster for me to jump from Japanese to Germany and English than to Indonesian.
I only put the Japanese characters and translation. If anyone asked, I can add the romanisation (i.e. transcription from Japanese characters to Latin alphabet). Correction to the translation is possible, since till now there are some parts that still confuse me.


header – beta. (._. )a 2009/03/03

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Original headers offered by WP are not to my liking. So even though I never created a header before, I tried my best to (actually I wanted to try the easy way by asking a friend (muz), but he only replied to me after I was almost done ^^;). The result is not to be compared with those made by professionals, but for me it’s an achievement (laughs).

Pictures: the cat & my avatar. Drawn by my ex room mate, Aya. I’m not so sure, but I think she used Adobe.

The size must be exactly 730 x 140 pixels.

I myself used GIMP 2.4.2 for windows to create this header. I used gradient between the cat & my avatars (originally “greens”, and I changed the colours to suit the available pictures I put on both sides of header). I was stuck on how to fill the gradient, and found some tips here. For the Latin font, I used Blackadder ITC and 新細明體 for the katakana.

First try I uploaded the header on photobucket. But photobucket resized it. So I put it on WP-media library.


I don’t know many terms in Art and graphics editing (in all languages I speak), so I apologise if my explanation only lead you to confusion (bows). ^^;

I’m so very hungry right now. My brain worked extra for this. >.> It’s a right decission that I cooked more rice yesterday. Now I can cook a BIG portion of nasi goreng.

lagu si wajah imut 2009/03/03

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another old post.

Setelah mengetik beberapa kalimat yang seharusnya menjadi pembuka post ini, saya membaca ulang kalimat pertama, dan merasa janggal dengan kata “menterjemahkan.”

Mana yang benar: menterjemahkan atau menerjemahkan atau kedua-duanya? Saya coba dengan menggoogle (maaf, ini lebih praktis daripada “menelusuri lewat google” – terjemahan langsung dari googling (Bhs. Inggris) dan googlen (Bhs. Jerman)), dan menemukan 199.000 hasil penelusuran untuk “menterjemahkan” dan 205.000 untuk “menerjemahkan.”

Tantangan saya dalam belajar lagi Bahasa Indonesia kali ini adalah menterjemahkan lirik lagu. Semua kalimat saya baca berulang-ulang, dan tetap saja terdengar “asing.”
Tidak ada alasan khusus mengapa saya memilih lagu ini. Hanya penasaran dengan liriknya, dan kemudian saya cari di internet. Saat saya coba menterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar, saya mengalami beberapa kesulitan.

Terjemahan ini adalah terjemahan setengah-bebas setengah-harafiah ^_^
Bagi teman-teman yang punya waktu luang dan ingin mengoreksi, dipersilahkan (yang di Philipp-Rosenthal-Str. boleh *laughs*)


Bahasa Jepang 2009/03/03

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Originally posted on blogger.com (I’ve decided to re-post some of them here, what I think as relevant).

Rangkuman catatan si kucing

“Hanya orang asing belajar bahasa Jepang (nihon-go). Orang Jepang belajar bahasa Nasional (kokugo)”,

tutur Profesor Kobayashi di seminar tentang Nishida Kitarô hari ini, dimana Profesor berbicara mengenai gaya bahasa Nishida dan latar belakangnya.

(Sepertinya tulisan Nishida (apabila itu mengenai filosofinya) mempunyai gaya yang tidak biasa, yang bukan tipikal Jepang maupun Eropa; Di dalam satu kalimat, Nishida menggunakan kata “kangaerareru” (bentuk pasif dari “berpikir”, yang berarti: dianggap atau terbayangkan. Inggris: conceivable) berulang-ulang.)

Masa disaat Nishida menuntut ilmu, adalah masa dimana sistem pendidikannya belum stabil. Jepang sibuk “mengimpor” ilmu pengetahuan dari Barat dan banyak istilah-istilah dalam dunia ilmu pengetahuan yang tidak bisa diterjemahkan langsung ke dalam bahasa Jepang. Bermacam-macam ide kemudian muncul. Misalnya, dari Mori Arinori (1847-1889, Menteri Pendidikan di masa pemerintahan Itô Hirobumi dan Kuroda Kiyotaka) untuk meniadakan bahasa Jepang (yang dimaksud di sini: kanbun, Cina-Klasik, sebagai bahasa tulisan dan pelbagai dialek sebagai bahasa percakapan), dan sebagai gantinya, menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Kemudian ada pula gerakan genbun itchi atau “Penyatuan bahasa lisan dan tulisan.”

Kokugo, atau bahasa nasional/kebangsaan, lahir seiring dengan bertumbuhnya kesadaran nasional. Pada awalnya, tata bahasanya kacau balau, karena tiap kalangan menggunakan gaya bahasa atau sistem penulisan yang berbeda.
Ueda Kazutoshi dan muridnya, Hoshina Kôichi adalah ahli bahasa yang memulai pembakuan ortografi dan tata bahasa Jepang.
Bila saat ini para guru bahasa asing harus menentukan material mana yang akan digunakan untuk mengajar, Ueda, saat menjabat rektor di Universitas Kerajaan di Seoul (saat itu ada 9 Universitas Kerajaan, 2 di antaranya terletak di daerah koloni Jepang: Seoul dan Taipei), harus menentukan sistem yang hendak diajarkan. Karena itulah Ueda mulai mengembangkan tata bahasa yang menurutnya lebih mudah untuk dipelajari dan dipahami oleh banyak kalangan. Yang kemudian berkembang menjadi bahasa Jepang baku adalah dialek Tôkyô.

sekian catatan si kucing.
Jadi Sensei, tata bahasa Jepang itu, terlahir karena kebutuhan akan sistem bahasa yang homogen untuk diajarkan di daerah koloni? Hmm… kalau saja semudah itu jawabannya.

開始 [kai-shi] – Opening 2009/03/02

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開 = open 始 = start

I won’t explain everything about the blog here. A special page about it is yet to be written.  This is just a starting post.

I had and still have some blogs in some places, with different styles, different topics, written for different readers, different reasons of making. The active ones are on LiveJournal (don’t ever ask for the links). I deleted my Friendster-blog and the one on blogger.com. The main reason was the complicated styling and features and particularly blogger.com requires a gmail account (not that I don’t have gmail account, I just think that “universal” or “all-in-one” also means lack of niceties). WordPress seem “complete” but LJ is my fave (and I dare to say so because I’m an admin for a wordpress blog of a chat-room I regularly visit). I prioritise comfort, and LJ speaks for it.

I decided to create a blog here and not another one on LJ because I want a distinct boundary. I think of my LJ as my private playground. On LJ I can stay anonym, and that’s why I feel secure. On the other hand what I’m going to put here are stuff that I can carelessly show without the fear that others would know too much about me…  (._.  )a It was another way of saying that I’m going to be more formal here… (laughs).

I mean, anyone just can read this and I won’t mind a lot… (as I’m writing this I realise I’m going to regret it).

Another not less important reason is the social network. There’s this public character I respect and admire so much blogging here (do I sound like I’m stalking?). I’m looking forward to his comments and to the chance on commenting on his posts and perhaps we would have a good opportunity to create a blog together with other friends.

I welcome myself, the cat.