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aku (Indonesian) = I (less humble than “saya”). – because it’s me. LOL.

aku 開く (Japanese) = to open, to spread out, to widen, to open up. – I sometimes do want to be honest (笑)

aku 空く (Japanese) = empty, free, vacant, available – I’ll write when I have free time. LOL.

aku 明く (Japanese) = to open (one’s eye, mouth), etc. – meaning my posts might shock you that you’d drop your jaw after reading em. LMAO (So if you read something that annoy you, it’s not that I didn’t warn… (evillaughter). I’m the boss! I make the rules here for ME to use, violate, and abuse).

aku 飽く (Japanese) = to tire of; to be satisfied, to enjoy – (explanation is unnecessary, right?)

aku 悪 (Japanese) = evil, wickedness; bad thing, bad person – that’s what I can be mwahahahahahahahah

what a convenient word to express just about everything that I intend to do on this blog.

The Blog


(zero)aku(zero). Simply because it requires at least four characters for a blog name. The two zeros don’t have a special meaning; WordPress only allow lower case letters and numbers. Actually I would love to have *aku* or >aku< or ~aku~ ^^;

Isn’t “aku” too general? How come you call it convenient?

yeah. it’s lame. so?

Some entries can be read only when your browser supports Japanese (kanji, kana and some icons) and some European (Germany’s umlauts) characters, or else you’ll see many question marks, boxes etc.

The Author

Call me L or cat. Yes, I love cats. I sometimes behave like a cat. Born and raised in a small town between two volcanoes in a province on one of the main islands of a country in South East Asia. Had been addicted to US-TV-series and MTV for a long time, gone gaga, worshipped all that came from USA, and finally was brought back to reality after an encounter with European and East Asian cultures. A glutton. Criticise a lot. Lacking in social skill. A romantic idiot.

Loves mangas, animes and anime soundtracks, Japanese and some Korean drama series and movies, Stephen Chow, Spitz (a band, not a dog breed), Chemistry (a vocal duo, not a subject), Shiina Ringo, Tokyo Jihen (a band, not a historical event), Rain, (and since 2011) MBLAQ, tea, coffee, water, the sight of bishounen, comedy, jokes, British English, good lyrics, sound of acoustic guitar and piano, books… andmanymorehowcomeyouthinkIdlistemall?

As for things I dislike, considering that I’m sensitive, it would take three days and three nights to complete the list. >.>

I don’t have a certain theme or special “mission” for this blog. I’ll write anything I feel like writing in languages I speak. I speak Manado Malay, Indonesian, English and Germany. I understand a bit of Tonsea language and Japanese.


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