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ah hah.. love songs: English translation of Kiyama Yuusaku’s ‘Eien’ and Spitz’s ‘Supika’ 2009/03/05

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Before this, I never really tried to translate Japanese songs. When I think I’ve grasped the meaning, I’d be satisfied with it. But lately there are some songs that got me curious, enough to make me abandon anime, manga and plurk for a while to translate the lyrics…

These translations were originally posted on my LJ. My Japanese skill (yea yea yea <.<) is between beginner and basic. I couldn’t decide between interpretation and literally translation, so I did both, trying to make it sound “normal.” ^^ If you still find my English sentences as weird, it’s because I myself still learning English ^^v. As to why not considering to translate it to Indonesian, it’s because it’s faster for me to jump from Japanese to Germany and English than to Indonesian.
I only put the Japanese characters and translation. If anyone asked, I can add the romanisation (i.e. transcription from Japanese characters to Latin alphabet). Correction to the translation is possible, since till now there are some parts that still confuse me.

First is the second ending to anime “Skip Beat!”
I found this lyric here (evestadotjp)

title: 永遠 = eien = eternity
singer: 木山裕策 (Kiyama Yuusaku) – I must say he sound a bit like Hirai Ken <3 ^o^
composed by:  多胡邦夫 (Tago Kunio)
album title: Memorial

in the song there’s a part where it’s written 永遠 (eien) but read as 永久 (towa), but both mean “eternity, timelessness, permanence.”

泣いてないと君は言う その答えが震えている
you say you’re not crying
your voice are trembling
without saying a word, I hugged u

I can’t show you even a future full of promise
a person like me certainly doesn’t suit you
but why you stay beside me with a happy smile?
why me? you won’t likely to have an answer

怖くないと君は言う 怖くないわけないのに
you say you’re not afraid
but (actually) it’s not that you’re not afraid
未来の無い僕等は今 現在(いま)を抱きしめた
we who now don’t have a future, embracing the present

I don’t want to blame the time
but if it always turn to nothing
嫌になっちゃうよ ずっと変わらないのかな
we’d get tired of it
would we always remain unchanged?

これでいいと君は言う これでいいわけないのに
you say it’s fine like this
it can’t be that you’re not fine with it
何も望まないって言うから僕は嬉しい 苦しい
since you said you don’t expect anything
I’m happy… I’m agonized

in a busy life, it’s okay to dream a bit, to talk about love, rite?
in the darkness, I’ve forgot about such things, and you gave me light

だから君に今日は言うよ 永遠の愛を誓うよ
that’s why today, I promise you eternal love

泣いてないと君は言う その答えが震えている
you say you’re not crying,
your voice are trembling
無防備な君を僕が守るよ未来も無い二人が今 永遠(とわ)を抱きしめた
I’ll protect the defenceless you,
[even if] we don’t have future
we embrace the eternity

[2011/08: download link removed]


second song is from my fave band, Spitz. This song was covered by Shiina Ringo for a tribute album to Spitz. I like both versions, but there’s a verse that was left out on Ringo-chan’s version. Ringo-chan’s singing style is rather unusual and at first I didn’t like her songs. But now it’s only admiration left ^^. I picked the lyrics here (goodotnedotjp).

title: スピカ – supika – Spica
performed by Spitz
composed by Kusano Masamune <3 >.<
album: 花鳥風月 (Kachoufuugetsu – flower, bird, wind, moon)

やがて来る 大好きな季節を思い描いてたら
言葉より 触れ合い求めて 突き進む君へ

soon I’ll be at the peak of this hill road
even absurd lies seem to vanish
before long I’ll arrive, while picturing my favourite season

just at the right time,
with lovely chords
that seem to reach an amazing pitch
more than words,
I’m pushing my way through, wishing to connect to you

粉のように飛び出す せつないときめきです
今だけは逃げないで 君をみつめてよう
やたらマジメな夜 なぜだか泣きそうになる
幸せは途切れながらも 続くのです

the painful throbbing, fly out like powder
don’t run away just now, let me gaze at you
at some random, tough nights, without knowing why, I feel like crying
even if my luck stop, I’ll keep going

ふり向けば 優しさに飢えた 優しげな時代で
夢のはじまり まだ少し甘い味です
割れものは手に持って 運べばいいでしょう
古い星の光 僕たちを照らします
世界中 何も無かった それ以外は

even a stray monkey, as long as it’s in a good condition,
as usual tomorrow it’ll be able to laugh
looking back, those were sweet days when I starved for gentleness

the beginning of dream still has a few sweet taste
it’d be nice if we can proceed while holding this fragile thing in our hands,
the light of the old star shines on us
there was nothing else aside that around and throughout the world

南へ向かう風 流れる雲に
心の切れはしを 託したならば

through the flowing clouds, blew southwards by the wind
If you’ve entrust piece of your heart
[let’s go?] to a far away place…

粉のように飛び出す せつないときめきです
今だけは逃げないで 君を見つめてよう
やたらマジメな夜 なぜだか泣きそうになる
幸せは途切れながらも 続くのです

the painful throbbing, fly out like powder,
don’t run away just now, let me gaze at you
at some random, tough nights, without knowing why, I feel like crying
even if my luck stop, I’ll keep going
I’ll keep going

[2011/08: download link removed]


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