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開始 [kai-shi] – Opening 2009/03/02

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開 = open 始 = start

I won’t explain everything about the blog here. A special page about it is yet to be written.  This is just a starting post.

I had and still have some blogs in some places, with different styles, different topics, written for different readers, different reasons of making. The active ones are on LiveJournal (don’t ever ask for the links). I deleted my Friendster-blog and the one on blogger.com. The main reason was the complicated styling and features and particularly blogger.com requires a gmail account (not that I don’t have gmail account, I just think that “universal” or “all-in-one” also means lack of niceties). WordPress seem “complete” but LJ is my fave (and I dare to say so because I’m an admin for a wordpress blog of a chat-room I regularly visit). I prioritise comfort, and LJ speaks for it.

I decided to create a blog here and not another one on LJ because I want a distinct boundary. I think of my LJ as my private playground. On LJ I can stay anonym, and that’s why I feel secure. On the other hand what I’m going to put here are stuff that I can carelessly show without the fear that others would know too much about me…  (._.  )a It was another way of saying that I’m going to be more formal here… (laughs).

I mean, anyone just can read this and I won’t mind a lot… (as I’m writing this I realise I’m going to regret it).

Another not less important reason is the social network. There’s this public character I respect and admire so much blogging here (do I sound like I’m stalking?). I’m looking forward to his comments and to the chance on commenting on his posts and perhaps we would have a good opportunity to create a blog together with other friends.

I welcome myself, the cat.


1. bug - 2009/03/03

welcome to the jungle

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